A 2000ft long 7¼" & 5" dual gauge ground level railway that was completed and opened to the public in 1995.

Operated from Larkswood Station the track can run both 5 inch and 7¼ inch gauge locomotives and rolling stock and has a full points system and turntable.

The club’s locomotives for this include ‘Coal Fired Steam’, ‘Electric’ and ‘Petrol’ powered engines.

Due to the track layout with passing loops several trains can be in operation together and it is normal to have two or three trains running on public days.

Completed and opened to the public in 1995, the track is 2000 feet long with more planned, the route normally used on public running days gives a six minute ride.

On normal Sunday public running days, either the Raised Track, or Ground Level track, will run, but on a few special occasions both tracks can be in operation together.


The club owns several locomotives which are often seen running at the club on the public running days. Most club locomotives have guardians who look after them, carrying out general maintenance tasks and repairs.

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7 ¼" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Engine. Club project completed in early 2005

Captain Howey
Captain Howey

7 ¼" gauge electric locomotive powered by 8 motors (2 per axel).


A petrol hydraulic locomotive made and supplied by Roanoke.

Club Shunter
"Club Shunter"

Electric shunting locomotive.
Overhauled by junior members.