The club is able to run a limited amount of childrens (or adults) birthday parties throughout the year. The package includes train rides on the raised track and is based around Willow Tree Halt Station. Parties are run from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

Cost: £200, a £50 non returnable deposit required to reserve booking.

As the ground track will be in use during parties, the club cannot offer use of it’s catering or toilet facilities. Public toilets are located within the park. We will require an appropriate parent to child ratio for supervision and expect them to join in the fun.

We will run two trains to cater for your needs. We aim for at least one train to be a steam train. Please note steam trains can emit dirt/oil/hot embers which can mark clothes. If you don’t like the idea of steam we can offer electric trains.

As parties are run during public running days on the ground level track, there are a limited number of days we can cater for, a list of the dates this year are below, booked dates are crossed out:

⚠️ Dates Currently pending for next running season